Учебный центр «Специалист» при МГТУ им.Н.Э.Баумана Безлимитное обучение


Проверьте Ваш выигрыш! Счастливый номер Вашего свидетельства в ежемесячном розыгрыше призов Центра «Специалист»!

Центр компьютерного обучения «Специалист» при МГТУ им. Н.Э. Баумана продолжает ежемесячный розыгрыш призов «Счастливый номер Вашего свидетельства»! Вам не нужно...


В честь Дня учителя – скидка до 20%* на курсы центра!

5 октября – день, когда мы говорим «спасибо» тем, кто открывает нам чудесный мир знаний и помогает подготовиться ко вступлению...


Аналитическая компания IDC снова назвала центр «Специалист» лидером на рынке ИТ-обучения в России!

Международная аналитическая компания IDC подвела итоги исследования российского рынка образовательных услуг в области ИТ в 2015 году. По объему оборота...


Кто эти везунчики? Объявляем имена победителей сентябрьского конкурса «Отзыв месяца»!

Если по достижении определенного возраста Вы по-прежнему не знаете, чем хотите заниматься, дополнительное образование может круто изменить Вашу жизнь и...


«День карьеры» в Центре «Специалист» – Ваш второй шаг на пути к успеху!

29 октября 2016 года для выпускников и слушателей Центра компьютерного обучения «Специалист» при МГТУ им. Н.Э. Баумана пройдет традиционный бесплатный...


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Unlimited Learning

“Unlimited Learning”: learning when money is no object

Would you like to take all the Specialist courses you like without thinking about the costs?

We have found a solution – “Unlimited Learning” online! It is a new training mode that entitles you to take unlimited number of courses within a year. Pay once – study every day for a year. Choose any scheduled course that is available in webinar format.* Online training saves your money as well as your time. You will have unlimited access to knowledge from anywhere in the world. Our inClass® technology enables you to take part in your class from any device, from your home or office, and interact freely with instructors and other students.

If knowledge is your propriety, if you are ready for rigorous training and want to get your money’s worth, our unique offer is just what you need!

Recommended for:

  • companies interested in enhancing staff productivity;
  • all willing to retrain, upgrade their skills and acquire a good job;
  • staff of Microsoft partner-companies (Microsoft Partner Network, Silver and Gold competencies);
  • expatriates;
  • higher education teaching staff;
  • corporate clients.
List of courses List of courses at a special price

The major advantages you get:

  • personal manager for developing your training program;
  • over 500 authorized and self-authored courses (including popular Microsoft courses);
  • 20 diploma programs bearing a professional retraining diploma;
  • projected one-year course schedule (5 000 groups available);
  • access to training from anywhere around the world;
  • the Center’s prestigious certificates and international certificates of course completion;
  • intensive study plans: full course volume within a short period of time;
  • 50% до 95% saved on tuition fees (on condition of monthly courses).

How online learning takes place:

Online learning (or webinar) is a format that erases the boundaries between distance learning and face-to-face learning. Thanks to the inClass® technology you can join a face-to-face class and take an active part from anywhere in the world.

Online learning requires no additional equipment. The technical requirements are kept to a minimum: you will need a laptop / tablet / computer, an Interne access, a headset and a webcam. In case labs are included in the course syllabus, we recommend that you use a second monitor. It will enable you to watch the instructor’s video broadcast and do the task simultaneously.

Advantages of online learning:

  • access to training from home or workplace in any town and country;
  • user-friendly Citrix software – you click on the link that you have received and follow the instructions;
  • direct interaction with the trainer and face-to-face co-students via the chat by voice;
  • identical course syllabus for face-to-face and online mode students;
  • identical certification of course completion;
  • access to the link to the session recordings for 3 months after the completion of the course.

Top quality knowledge is guaranteed wherever you are! You do not need to travel, a high speed Internet connection is sufficient! A real classroom with an instructor and other students will “travel” to a place that is convenient for you.


“Unlimited Learning” is a personalized service. To gain access to each class, an authentication procedure is required. It includes a passport check, verification with the photograph in the database and identification via webcam.

How does it work?

  • During the enrolment registration the student submits a photograph (preferred size is 320 in width and 240 in height), which is saved into the database;
  • When joining a training session the student is required to turn on the webcam and present their face in close-up mode.

*Terms of use:

  • The service is valid for 365 days starting the final day of the first course taken in the format of “Unlimited Learning”;
  • The service is personalized, to gain access to each class a strict authentication procedure is required;
  • Three days before the start of the course the students is required to confirm their participation;
  • The offer is for all courses available in webinar format (except the EC-Council authorized courses);
  • Students are entitled for a discount on the courses not included in the “Unlimited Learning” offer;
  • Other special offers and discount plans are not applicable;
  • Important! Enrolment into concurrent courses is not permitted.

For more information about “Unlimited Learning” ask our Customer Service Representatives:


+7 (495) 232-32-16 (доб. 205)

E-mail: lovkov@specialist.ru 
Skype: Ловков Дмитрий


+7 (495) 780-48-45

E-mail: karpovich@specialist.ru


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