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Joint proposal of the CTC «Specialist» and Petralex:
Distance education for hearing-impaired people

Additional education in the form of a webinar now is available for people with hearing problems thanks to multimedia application «Petralex for Windows». The application is designed specially for people who need correction and compensation of audio signal.

What is Petralex?

Petralex for Windows is multimedia, socially-oriented application, created by a graduate of the CTC «Specialist» and the team of developers IT4YOU, specially for hearing-impaired people.

The application serves to improve speech intelligibility in different acoustic environments (listening to music, watching movies, using voice communicators, learning).

Main features of the application:

  • The application is distributed for free.
  • It doesn’t require pairing hearing aids.
  • The adjustment of hearing is made automatically without special study room, equipment and qualified audiologist`s help.
  • High quality of audio signal is not limited by pass-band of hearing aids.

How to install Petralex?

Download the application Petralex for Windows on your computer or laptop. You can download it for free on the website http://petralex.pro/win. The application operates on computers and tablets running Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10. The application allows to save profiles separately for each ear and for different devices: speakers, headphones, headsets. Compression level and the most suitable amplification algorithm are adjusted according to your needs. For a detailed instruction how to use Petralex look here.

How to study by distance?

Connect to the webinar of the CTC «Specialist» according to the instruction. If any technical problem appears, a personal manager or an administrator of the complex will be in touch with you on email/Skype. Adjust necessary profile for comfort sounding and save it for next connections. Study with a group or watch webinars recorded webinars without losing the quality of education!

Most of the courses of the CTC «Specialist» at Bauman MSTU are available in the form of the webinar. Among the directions of education the CCT “Specialist” has more than 1000 courses, graduation and comprehensive programs in 20 areas. They are Networks Technologies, software engineering and DBMS, IT security, Internet technologies, 3D modelling, animation, video editing, CAD, accountancy etc.

During 23 years of work, the Center has prepared 750.000 first-class specialists. Knowledge gained at the CCT «Specialist» at Bauman MSTU opens the door to many companies.

Get access to quality education – sign up for courses of the CTC «Specialist»!


Developers are responsible for operation of the application.


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