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Be ready for changes and get 16 PDUs after the new English-version course “ORGANIZATIONAL CHANGE MANAGEMENT”!

Each business needs transformations periodically. Is your organization ready for transformations and changes? This course will show how to drive changes with minimal risks and the best possible effectiveness and efficiency. You will know how to motivate staff and overwhelm difficulties.

The training will help you to make the next step in business transformations according to the best world practices. The course is based on PMI®’s Organizational Change Management Guide, and refers to the three main standards: PMBOK®, PMI® Standard for Program management, and PMI® standard for Portfolio management.  

You will learn all the main things about organizational change levels:

Динцис Данил Юрьевич
Danil Dintsis (Ph. D., PgMP®, PMP®)

Ph. D. (twice) in System Analysis and
Technical management Portfolio manager
and IT consultant, and a trainer for 15+ years

  • Operational
  • Project based
  • Program based
  • Portfolio based
  • Strategic.

You`ll know how to integrate changes into company’s strategy and operational activities, involve and motivate staff, and sustain changes after implementation. You will work on practical cases during the whole course.

You will learn how to:

  • establish organizational change management framework;
  • initiate and manage changes;
  • proactively manage challenges and issues;
  • differentiate change levels and initialize projects, programs and portfolios appropriately;
  • develop demands to staff;
  • motivate enthusiasts and change supporters;
  • overwhelm contradictions;
  • implement step-by-step policies.  

After finishing the course you will get 16PDUs according to PMI® Competency Triangle model: 4PDU Technical, 4 PDU Leadership, and 8 PDU Strategic.  

Does your business need changes? Graduate this course and learn how to make it successfully!



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