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“Unlimited Learning”: learning when money is no object

Would you like to take all the Specialist courses you like without thinking about the costs?

We have found a solution – “Unlimited Learning” online! It is a new training mode that entitles you to take unlimited number of courses within a year. Pay once – study every day for a year. Choose any scheduled course that is available in webinar format.* Online training saves your money as well as your time. You will have unlimited access to knowledge from anywhere in the world. Our inClass® technology enables you to take part in your class from any device, from your home or office, and interact freely with instructors and other students.

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Course Hours
«Principles of design». Express-course 16
1C: Management of our company (UNF). Management accounting for small business 20
1С: Управление торговлей (ред. 11.4). Уровень 2. Коммерческая политика и маркетинг 24
50127A: Learn Microsoft Office Word 2019/2016 Step by Step, Level 2 16
A documentary film, journalism, reporting 24
Accounting 2019. Theory and practice 64
Accounting and Tax as Applied to Construction Business 16
Accounting Basics for Executives, Managers and Technical Specialists 32
Accounting for wage foreign workers in the program 1С:Salary and personnel management (ed. 3.1) 16
Administering Microsoft Project Server 2019 16
Adobe Acrobat X Pro. Creating documents in PDF format 16
Adobe After Effects CC. Part 1. The Basics 24
Adobe After Effects CC. Part 2. Working with built-in effects 16
Adobe Animate CC. Banners and interactive animation 24
Adobe Audition CC/CS6 for MAC and PC. Recording and processing audio 16
Adobe Illustrator CC/CS6 for MAC and PC. Level 1. Basics AI 24
Adobe Illustrator CC/CS6 for MAC and PC. Level 2. In-depth ability. 16
Adobe Illustrator CC/CS6 for MAC and PC. Level 3. Advanced features 24
Adobe InDesign CC/CS6 for MAC and PC. Level 1. Basic 24
Adobe InDesign CC/CS6 for MAC and PC. Level 2. Layout of printed and electronic documents 24
Adobe InDesign CC/CS6 for MAC and PC. Level 3. Advanced 24
Adobe Muse CC 2015. Creating websites without HTML 20
Adobe Photoshop CC/CS6 for MAC and PC. Level 2. Advanced features 32
Adobe Photoshop CC/CS6 for MAC and PC. Level 2. Graphic design 32
Adobe Photoshop CC/CS6 for MAC and PC. Level 2. Professional retouching 20
Adobe Photoshop CC/CS6 for MAC and PC. Level 3. Graphic design. Professional techniques create and manipulate images. 16
Adobe Photoshop CS / CS6. Level 3. The publication of images ( print and web) 16
Adobe Photoshop CS6/CS5. Course - training by Kirill Morozov "3D in Photoshop" 8
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4. Complex processing of digital photos 20
Adobe Photoshop СС/CS6. Level 2. Digital photographic processing 32
Advertising design 40
Agile-Scrum Foundation 1 16
Agile-Scrum Foundation 2 16
AJAX. Web 2.0 Application Developing 24
Analysis of the financial condition of the company 40
Analytical methods of business-logistics 24
Android App Development. Level 3 40
Android mobile application development. Level 1 40
Android mobile application development. Level 2 40
ArchiMate 2.1. Basics 16
Assistant Manager 16
Autodesk 3ds Max 2018/2017. Level 3. Animation and FX 32
Autodesk 3ds Max 2018/2017. Level 4. Technological and industrial advanced 3d modeling 16
Autodesk 3ds Max 2019. Part 4. Character modeling and texturing in Autodesk 3ds Max 32
Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 – Architecture and interior: advanced modeling. 24
Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 - Technological and industrial advanced 3d modeling. 16
Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 part I – Basics of 3d modeling. 24
Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 part III: Advanced modeling. 24
Autodesk 3ds Max 2020 part IV: advanced texturing. 16
Autodesk 3ds Max 2020. Level 4. Character animation 32
Autodesk 3ds Max 2020. Part III. Animation and FX. 32
Autodesk AutoCAD 2019/2018 – Advanced AutoCAD. Level 2 24
Autodesk AutoCAD Plant 3D & AutoCAD P&ID 40
Autodesk Fusion 360. Base modeling 32
Autodesk Fusion 360. Base modeling 32
Autodesk Maya 2018/2017 part 1 – Basics of 3d modeling 24
Autodesk Maya 2018/2017 part 2 – Basics of visualization and animation 16
Autodesk Maya 2018/2017 part 3. Rendering with Arnold for Maya 24
Automation BPMN-based business processes. Level 3 16
Basic Computer Training Microsoft Office Word 2019/2016. Level 1. 16
Basic course for solving algorithmic problems 16
Basic knowledge of web-analytics services Google Analytics and Yandex Metrika 8
Borland C++ Builder. Applications with databases development. 48
Branding: Creating an Efficient Brand 24
Budget Control Administration in MS EXCEL 16
Budgeting. Production. The cost calculation in the program "1C:Comprehensive automation 2" 24
Building Estimating Courses 48
Business archives 16
Business game "Team on the rise" 8
Calculation of volume of works in construction for cost estimate documentation: workshop 20
Cameral tax audit. The latest trends 8
CCNA Security 16
Chief Accountant – Managing Accounting Department 16
Cisco Networking Academy – CCNA Routing & Switching 48
Clojure Web Development 16
COBIT: IT Management and Governance 24
Conflict management 16
Contract work in the business sphere: theory and practice. Minimization of risks 24
Copywriting Workshop 24
CorelDRAW 2017/X8. Level 2. Advanced 24
Course 20740C: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 40
Course М55247А: Designing and Implementing Cloud Data Platform Solutions 24
Creating and managing smart cards and the practical application of Mindjet MindManager 2017 16
Creating and modifying drawings in AutoCAD and nanoCAD with AutoLISP and ActiveX 24
Creating and performing presentations 16
Creating PDF documents with Adobe Acrobat DC 16
Creating physically correct lighting schemes in architecture with DIALux 4 24
Creative in marketing and advertising 24
Creative technologies in design 32
Crowdfunding: how to get funding for your own project 8
Data analysis with Big Data technologies. 16
Data protection and recovery. Backups. Disks management. 16
Data Science Fundamentals 16
Data Science. Level 1. Basic Tools 24
Data Science. Level 2. Applied Machine Learning 40
Data Science. Level 3. Scalable Solutions 40
Database Programming in Delphi 40
DBA1 - PostgreSQL Database Administration Fundamentals 24
DBA2 - Administering PostgreSQL. Advanced course 40
Delphi Programming Basics 40
Design interfaces with Adobe XD 16
Develop and Improve Project Management Office (PMO) 16
Develop and Improve Project Management Office (PMO) 16
Developing iOS 2D-Games with Swift 4 40
Developing iOS apps with Swift 4. Level 1 24
Developing iOS apps with Swift 4. Level 2 40
Developing mobile applications with Xamarin 40
Developing web applications on AngularJS 24
Development and Implementation of BSC and KPI 16
Development of two-dimensional applications on Unity3D 24
DevOps Foundation 24
Digital marketing effective control methods 16
Drupal. Level 1: Administration and creation of sites on platform Drupal 24
Drupal. Level 2: Working out of modules of a site on CMF Drupal from zero 24
Economic security of business 24
Economics Basics for Executives, Managers and Professionals 16
Effective dispute resolution in the sphere of state and municipal order (regulation of Law No. 44 - FZ) 8
Effective Negotiation Skills 16
Effective staff-work for manager 16
Effective work with Microsoft SharePoint 2016/2013: Advanced 16
Effective work with Microsoft SharePoint 2016/2013: Basic 24
Effective written communication 16
Engineeing drawing. Fundamentals for CAD users 16
Enterprise Project, Program and Portfolio Management by Microsoft Project Professional/Project Server 2019/2016 16
Forefront TMG 2010: Opportunities and solutions network security 24
Foreign economic activity. Customs management. Level 1 24
Foreign employees: the recruitment and registration 16
Fundamentals of Email Marketing 16
Fundamentals of management accounting and budgeting 32
Git versions control system 16
Google Ads 16
Google Analytics. Site and Ads analytics 24
Google SketchUp. The Basics 24
GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD 22/21. Level 1. Abilities for architectural design 40
GRAPHISOFT ARCHICAD 22/21. Уровень 2. The advanced abilities for architectural design 40
Head of Business Division 40
How to make a movie: from script to installation. Basic course 24
HR Manager. Level 1 40
HR Manager. Level 2 32
HTML and CSS. Level 1. Creation of sites in HTML 5 and CSS 3 32
HTML and CSS. Level 2. Advanced CSS 32
HTML and CSS. Level 3 Advanced methodologies and tools typesetting 24
IBM DB2. Level 1. IBM DB2 Fundamentals. 24
IBM DB2. Level 2. SQL for DB2 40
IBM DB2. Level 3. Administaring DB2 v10/v9 for Windows, UNIX and Linux 40
IBM SPSS Statistics. Level 1. Statistical methods of data analysis. 32
IBM SPSS Statistics. Level 2. Advanced analysis. 32
IBM SPSS Statistics. Level 2. Data preparation for statistical analysis. 16
IBM SPSS Statistics. Level 2. Data representation with tables and charts in SPSS. 16
IBM SPSS Statistics. Level 3. Multidimensional statistical analysis. 32
IBM SPSS Statistics. Level 3. Survival analysis. 8
Implementing an electronic digital signature on the basis of the CryptoPro Certification Center 24
Implementing cloud IT infrastructure for business solutions 16
Implementing Lean in Project Management 16
In Rhinoceros 4.0. 3D - modeling in industrial design 40
Indoor garden design. Winter gardens 32
Infographics. Level 1 24
Information security for users 8
Information security foundation based on ISO / IEC 27002 16
Interior Design Workshop in SketchUp 16
Interior styling 32
International financial reporting standards (IFRS): a basic course 40
Internet technologies fundamentals for Marketers. 8
Introduction to IBM SPSS Statistics Complex Samples 16
Introduction to statistics 12
IoT Fundamentals: Connecting Things 48
IT Product Management Foundation 24
IT projects manager on PRINCE 2 16
ITAM: IT Asset Management 16
ITIL® 4.0 Foundation 24
IT-Project Management 40
Java SE10. Level 1. Java fundamentals 40
Java SE10. Level 2. Client-server applications 40
JavaScript. Level 1. Web-Development fundamentals 24
JavaScript. Level 2. ES6/ES7 16
JavaScript. Level 3. HTML5 API 24
JavaScript. Level 3. jQuery. Advanced 24
JavaScript. Level 3. Knockout.js 16
JavaScript. Level 3. ReactJS and JSX 16
JavaScript. Level 3a. jQuery Library. 16
JavaScript. Level 3в. Server-side programming with Node.js 24
Joomla! Level 1.Creating a website 16
Joomla! Level 2. Advanced Site development and management 16
Joomla! Level 3. Creating internet-shop, forum and a mobile site with CMS Joomla! 16
Jаvаscriрt. Lеvеl 2. Extendеd cоurse 16
Kompas-3D V18/17. 3D-design 32
Labour law for an HR 32
Landing Page - creating effective sales tool 8
Landscape design. From a project to planting. Basic skills in designing and dendrology 48
Landscape design. Level 2. Garden spaces scheming and ecological plant selection for Russian Midland conditions 40
Learn Microsoft Excel 2019/2016. Level 1 16
Licensing of Microsoft products 16
Linux Essentials 16
Linux. Starting level. Effective work with shell. 8
Logistic manager (supply logistics) 40
Logistics Manager (Stock and Storage) 40
Logistics Manager (Transportation Management) 48
Mac OS X. Level 1. Application development (Mac App Store) 24
Mac OS X. Level 2. Development of complex software applications (Mac App Store) 24
Mac OS X: Basics 16
Mac OS X: iLife 24
Mac OS X: iLife 24
Mac OS X: Productivity pack - iWork (Pages, Numbers и Keynote) 24
MacOS. Level 2: Integration of Apple computers into the environment on Windows 16
Manage projects based on PMI® Standard for Program Management 2017 and GOST R 54871-2011 16
Management and reengineering of business processes 24
Management audit 32
Manager evaluation and certification of personnel 16
Manager of corporate social policy and internal communications 16
Manager of training and staff development 16
Managing quality in projects and services 16
Marketing and Advertising Manager 48
Marketing and promotion in social media (SMM) 24
Marketing in further education (the learning centre as a business) 16
Marketing research 24
Marketplaces for online stores 16
Massively parallel processes, CUDA architecture and programming environment 32
Master Class: Consolidation of Financial Reporting in Compliance with IFRS 16
Maxon Cinema 4d. 3D graphics for motion design 24
Microsoft Access 2019/2016. Level 2. Development of databases. Tables and queries 24
Microsoft Access 2019/2016. Level 3. Database development. Forms, reports and macros 24
Microsoft Excel 2019/2016. Level 3. Data analysis and visualization. 16
Microsoft Excel 2019/2016. Level 4. VBA macros fundamentals 24
Microsoft Excel 2019/2016. Level 5. VBA advanced programming 16
Microsoft Excel 2019/2016. Level 6. Business Intelligence with PowerPivot, PowerView and PowerMap 16
Microsoft Excel 2019/2016. Level 8. DAX and Excel PowerPivot 16
Microsoft Office Access 2019/2016, Level 1 20
Microsoft Outlook 2019/2016. The planning and workflow 16
Microsoft PowerPoint 2019/2016. Level 1. Creating Effective Business Presentations 16
Microsoft PowerPoint 2019/2016. Level 2. Designing presentations 16
Microsoft Project Standard 2019/2016. Basics of Project Management 16
Middle and Top Level Management 32
Modeling BPMN-based business processes. Level 1 16
Modeling BPMN-based business processes. Level 2 24
Modern interior design. Level 1. Interior concept 32
Modern interior design. Level 2. Designing 28
Modern Methods of Succession Planning and Talent Management 8
Modern virtual and e-learning organizational methods and tools 16
MySQL 5.x. Designing and creating databases for the web 32
National Occupational Standards: characteristics of introduction and application 8
Network fundamentals, network operating systems and WiFi workshop. 16
Object Modeling in Pixologic ZBrush 4 24
Objective-C 2.0 for Mac OS X / iOS. Level 1. Quick Start 24
Office-manager and employee of maintenance department 24
Office-work (documentary maintenance of management) 36
OSA: ITIL® 2011 Operational Support and Analysis. Part 1 24
OSA: ITIL® 2011 Operational Support and Analysis. Part 2 8
PC with Windows 10/8 maintenance. Level 2. Extended course. 16
Personal Data protection 16
Photorealistic visualization with Corona Renderer 3 24
PHP. Level 2. Web-sites development with MySQL 24
PHP. Level 3. Professional development with PHP7 24
PHP. Level 5. Web Development with Symfony 24
Pinnacle Studio 20. Video editing for users 16
PMP® certification exam preparation based on PMBoK® v. 6 (2017) 16
Polygraphic design 32
PostgreSQL: I. SQL Basics 40
PostgreSQL: II. Advanced Techniques 40
PPO: IT services design in accordance with ITIL®: quality and risk management. Part 1 24
Practical Course on Recruitment: Modern Interview Methods and Techniques 16
Practical course on the use of technology DISC in recruitment 16
Practical Seminar: Building an Efficient Remuneration System: Common Mistakes and Practical Recommendations 16
Preparation Course for ACCA Diploma in IFRS (DipIFR) 48
Preparing and Presenting a Business Plan 20
Prepress layout for digital and offset printing. Level 1 32
Prepress layout for digital and offset printing. Level 2 24
Prezi Next - creating exciting non-linear presentations 8
Professional film making in Adobe Premiere PRO CC part 1 – video editing. 24
Programming in C# 40
Programming on R. Level 1. Basics 24
Programming with C 48
Programming with C++ 40
Programming with Java: Enterprise Java Beans 3.2 40
Programming with Python. Level 1. Basics 40
Project Management Based on ГОСТ Р 54869-2011 and ISO 21500 16
Project management foundation based on ANSI PMI PMBoK v.6 & Agile Practice Guide 24
Project Resource Management 16
Project scheduling and control (based on PMBOK v 6 and using MS Project) 16
Promotion of mobile apps 16
Prоgramming and Dаtabases fundamentals 24
Public relations 24
Python Programming. Level 2. Advanced Course 40
Qt5. Part 1. Introduction to Programming. 40
Qt5. Part 2. Database GUI Programming and related problems. 40
R Programming. Level 2 16
RCV: Release, Control, and Validation 24
Records management. Level 2. Electronic document management (EDM) and electronic document management systems 16
Restoration of accounting using 1C: Accounting 8 16
Risk Management 16
Ruby. Level 1. Programming basics on Ruby 40
Ruby. Level 2. Web-programming with Ruby on Rails 24
Rules for effective documentation, customer and supplier during the procurement for state and municipal needs (regulation of Law No. 44-FZ) 8
Russian without mistakes 12
Sales management using CRM Bitrix24. Level 2 16
Sales Management. Level 1. A high-performing sales department. 24
Sales Manager (full cycle) 40
Seminar. SEO. Evaluation of the effectiveness of site promotion through Google Analytics 4
SEO – Search Engine Optimization 24
Site usability. Designing web interfaces 32
SOA: managing the IT service organization based on ITIL®, part 1 24
Software Asset Management in Company (SAM) 8
Software testing. Level 1. Software tester. 40
Software testing. Level 2. Managing testers team. 16
Software testing. Level 2. Test-design. 24
Software testing. Software requirements development. 16
Sponsorship : how to justify mutual expectations 24
State, budgetary institutions and Autonomous institutions: accounting and the basics of tax in 2019 20
Swift. Introduction to programming 24
Swift. Level 2. Object-oriented programming 32
Tax optimization: methods to minimize 16
Taxation of 2019. Tax accounting introduction, problems and solutions 40
Technical writer: technical documentation development 16
Telecommuting Employee Regulatory Requirements 8
The basics of working with the software package MATLAB 16
The development of business plans in Project Expert 16
The development of three-dimensional applications on Unity3D 16
The first course for CIO 24
The management of organizational change: flexible adaptation to changing conditions 16
The programming language Swift 2 - quick shift 24
The reporting in the program 1C 16
The Role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) 16
The secrets of effective communication for IT- manager 8
Time Management 16
Transactional HR Functions in a Modern Organization in 2019. Level 1. Recruitment Administration Procedures 32
Transactional HR Functions in a Modern Organization in 2019. Level 2. HR Administration 16
Transactional HR Functions in a Modern Organization in 2019. Level 3. Internal Audit of HR Documentation 16
Transactional HR Functions in a Modern Organization in 2019. Level 4. Preparing for the State Labour Inspectorate Inspection 8
Transactional HR Functions in a Modern Organization. Level Project Human Resource Management 16
Transactional HR Functions in a Modern Organization. Workshop on Human Resource Accounting 2019. Analysis of situational tasks 16
Unreal Engine for architects and designers 24
VAT accounting characteristics in 1C:Accounting edition 3.0 16
Visualization in 3ds max: lighting and materials. 24
VMware – Optimize & Scale v.6.7 40
VMware vSphere: Install, Configure, Manage v6.7 40
Wage and Salary Administration - 2019 20
Web design. Visual design and layout of sites 32
Web-mastering 24
Web-projects management: launching, supporting, development 16
Web-site conversion increase techniques. 8
Web-sites security 8
Windows 10/8 maintenance. Level 1. Basic maintenance. 16
WordPress. Level 1. Installing and configuring site 16
WordPress. Level 2. Complex structure website development and themes creation 16
Work and play - gamification for HR 16
Work in a program complex «Grand – Smeta 2019» 24
Working with Adobe Photoshop СС/CS6 for MAC and PC.Level 1.Raster graphics 24
Working with lighting projects in DIALux EVO 24
Workshop on application of accounting fundamentals 18/2 "Income tax accounting" 8
Workshop on overcoming objections in sales and working with difficult clients 16
Workshop. Individual project – direction "project Management" 12
Workshop. PostgreSQL’s administration. Part 1 16
Workshop: "Сonversion of financial statements in accordance with IFRS" 16
Workshop: Create macros in MS Excel on VBA 16
XML and XSLT. Modern technologies of data processing for Web. 32
Yandex Direct advanced 8
Yandex Direct beginner 8
Yandex.Metrika. Website effectiveness 8
Визуальные коммуникации в дизайне 40
Е-commerce fundamentals. How to create successful internet-shop. 16
М55160АС: Microsoft Excel 2019. Level 2. Advanced 16
Рефакторинг как системный подход 24
РНР. Level 1. Web-development fundamentals 24
РНР. Level 4. Design and development of complex web-projects with РНР 7 24
Управление портфелями проектов на основе PMI® Standard for Portfolio Management 2017 и ГОСТ Р 54870 - 2011 16
Microsoft Cisco PMI Peoplecert Adobe 1C Autodesk

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